Wild edible fruits consumed by people of Upper Assam, NE India

Author : Moitreyee Saikia

Fruits are rich in fiber, vitamin-C, sugar and water. Fruits are also low in calories therefore, play an important role as weight loss diet and makes man healthy. The wild fruits constitute essential micronutrients, taste and medicinal value. These fruits also serve as staple food in the time of food deficiency. Poor people of the rural areas are also dependent on wild edible fruits as an income source for their livelihood. Therefore, emphasize should be given to explore the wild edible fruits and their popularization and conservation for human welfare. The present study deals with the exploration, documentation and identification of wild edible fruits consumed by people of Upper Assam, North-East India. This paper includes a total of 54 wild edible fruits belonging to 26 families with their local names in Assamese, scientific name, family, time of availability, taste and their uses.

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