Vesicular Structured Drug Delivery Systems: An Innovative Slant towards Drug Targeting

Author : Sagar Trivedi, kamlesh Wadher, Milind Umekar

Targeted drug delivery is an approach of transporting the therapeutic agent to the tissues of interest and reduces the relative concentration of therapeutic agent in remaining tissues which improves the therapeutic efficacy and condenses the side effects. The vesicular systems are very well organised assemblies of one or some concentric lipid bilayer formed, when certain amphiphilic building blocks are confronting with water. A number of novel vesicular drug delivery systems have been emerged encompassing various routes of administration, to achieve targeted and controlled drug delivery numbers of carriers were utilized to deliver the drug at target site; these include immunoglobulins, serum proteins, synthetic polymers, microspheres, liposomes, niosomes, erythrocytes etc. The present review focus more on the recent approaches and advancement in Vesicular Structured drug delivery systems.

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