Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) -A Review

Author : Suyog Nivrutti Cheke, Pavan S Jadhav

Ultra performance liquid chromatography an improved version of conventional HPLC technique. UPLC mainly works on three areas speed, sensitivity and resolution which make this method a better process. Particle size less than 2µm is used in this method which help in separation. Using high pressure an increase in flow rate which pressurized mobile phase collision with column an increased in temperature reduces the viscosity of mobile phase all this aspect helps in drug development and UPLC help in analysis of pharmaceutical drug product. Ultra performance liquid chromatography saves our time a lesser run time and decreased in column length which directly affects separation process of UPLC. This technique enhanced sensitivity and obtained well resolved chromatographic peaks. in 21st century UPLC is a suitable technique for drug development within short period of time pharmaceutical industry are focusing towards this method.

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