Total phenols, total flavonoids content; antioxidant and antifungal activities of ethanolic and aqueous extracts of Eleutherine bulbosa (Iridaceae)

Author : C.J. Morabandza, M. G. Okiemy-Akieli, E. Okiemy, T. Andzi-Barhé, P.R.Ongoka

Ethanolic and aqueous extract of the bulb of Eleuterine bulbosa have been analyzed for their content in total phenols, total flavonoids; antioxidant and antifungal activities. The average value of total phenols was 27.12 ± 0.62 and 9.36 ± 0.55 mg. Eq.G.A /g d.M for ethanolic and aqueous extract respectively and the one of total flavonoids, 17.97 ± 0.07 and 6.15 ± 015 mg. Eq.Rt /g.d.M. In vitro antioxidant activity by DPPH method revealed the I C50 of 0.595 ± 0.004 and 1.251 ± 0.083 mg/ml respectively for ethanolic and aqueous extract, against 0.123 ± 0.005 mg/ml for Rutin (control). Antifungal activity carried out by diffusion in solid medium method showed the inhibition of Candida albicans growth by the two extracts. The IMC was 3.75 for ethanolic extract and 7.5 mg/ml for aqueous extract. The FMC was 30 mg/ml for ethanolic. These results may explain the abundant uses of this plant as a nutritional and medicinal plant.

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