Therapeutic Approach to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk by Modulating Immune Function and Inflammatory Process

Author : Farah Asad, Moosa Khan, Shahnaz I Kehar, Fatima Rizvi, Jawed Iqbal

The aim of this study is to prevent the severity of psoriasis disease and cardiovascular risk by modulating the immune function and inhibiting the inflammatory process by a novel drug Atorvastatin. Inflammation is a primary factor affecting many autoimmune diseases. Epidemiological studies showed that immuno-inflammatory diseases like psoriasis are associated with a greater morbidity and mortality due to cardiovascular risk. It is an interventional experimental study, divided in two phases. One phase was preclinical study conducted on adult Wistar Albino rats and the other phase was clinical study on psoriatic patients of chronic plaque type. The efficacy and safety profile of drug was measured preclinically by morphological study of ratís myocardium thus clinically it measured by PASI, DLQI, CRP, LFTs and Lipid profile of psoriatic patients. Results of this study revealed that in psoriatic patients the immune mediated inflammation with cardiovascular events was prevented by Atorvastatin. Therefore an additional benefit is achieved in psoriatic patients. Firstly it modulates the immune function and inhibits inflammatory process, secondly it protects them against cardiovascular risk.

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