The role of camel\'s milk on some physiological parameters of female rats injected with benzene induced leukemia

Author : Khalid G. Al-Fartosi, Mohammed A. Auda, Zainab M. Al-Ghazi

The present study was carried out to investigate the role of camel\'s milk in body weight, weight of some organs and some hematological parameters of adult female rats treated with benzene induced leukemia. The results indicated a significant increase (p≤ 0.05) in total WBC, neutrophils, basophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, weight of liver and spleen) and a significant decrease (p≤ 0.05) in acidophils, body weight, weight of kidney and heart in leukemia groups (C and D) compared with control group (A) and camel\'s milk group (B). The treatment of female rats which treated with benzene to induced leukemia with camel\'s milk led to enhancement these parameters in protection groups (E and F) and treatment groups (G and H) to the normal levels.

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