The Relativity between Vitamin D and Glaucoma - A Cross Sectional Study from Rewa (M.P)

Author : Dr. Shivani Awasthi

Glaucoma is a chronic progressive optic neuropathy that causes irreversible damage. Therefore, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment to control various risk factors associated with glaucoma are important. Risk factors associated with the development of glaucoma have been reported by many researchers and include both ocular and non-ocular (systemic) factors such as myopia, central corneal thickness, disc hemorrhage, and genetic factors. However, little is known about the association between vitamin D and open-angle glaucoma (OAG). As a consequence, many glaucoma patients are diagnosed, monitored, and treated at an age amply beyond the age corresponding to their median life expectancy at birth. To make a proper estimate of the life expectancy of glaucoma patients, life expectancy should be adjusted for the age already reached: residual life expectancy.

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