Synthesis and activity evaluation of a novel lead compound 1-benzyl-3-benzoylurea as antiproliferative agent

Author : Farida Suhud, Siswandono, Tutuk Budiati

This research deals with designing and synthesizing a novel lead compound 1-benzyl-3-benzoylurea using the modified Schotten Baumann method and the objective is to find a more potent drug.In order to achieve the goal , the in-silico activity againts 1-UWH was calculated by Molegro Virtual Docker. Then, in-vitro antiproliferative activity against MCF-7 cell line was tested by MTT assay and compared with Hydroxyurea as a reference compound. The result showed that both in-silico and in-vitro test of 1-benzyl-3-benzoylurea were more potent than Hydroxyurea. It is highly recommended that 1-benzyl-3-benzoylurea be developed further as an antiproliferative agent.

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