Study the effect of local brands of Clomiphene citrate in comparison with the standard brand of similar generic

Author : Samina Alam, Bareeha Jamil, Ummul Kiram, Raheema Badr, Zoha Sharif

For the evaluation of the drug quality there is a method of a comparative study in which a drug of different brand with similar generic is collected and different tests were performed to check about the difference and similarity between them related to their size, activity and price. In this study we evaluate the quality of the uncoated tablet of generic Clomiphene citrate “X” brand that is standard with the other two local brands i.e “Y” & “Z”. These medicines were brought for our comparative studies and we performed different tests to check the differences with respect to their quality. The tests which were perform followed the procedures given by the Standard British Pharmacopeia, include, Hardness test, Friability test, Dissolution test for the quality monitoring of post formulation and for the tablet design, we observed that in hardness and friability test there is no variation between the drugs. On the other hand, in dissolution or disintegration test we observed a considerable variation of sample “X” as compare to sample “Y” and “Z”, such that after this study work we can conclude that tablet of brand “Y” is more reliable as compare to the standard brand “X”

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