Study on hypolipidemic activity of flowers of Allamanda neriifolia hook. in atrovastain induced rats

Author : R. Sumathi and M. Chitra

Hyperlipidemia is a key risk factor for cardiovascular disorders (CVD). Since synthetic drugs have shown side clinical importance of herbal drugs in the treatment of CVD has considerable attention in recent years. Allamanda neriifolia Hook, (Apocynaceae) is an ornamental plant and is traditionally used as a hyperlipidemic drug. It is traditionally used for its various properties and in the present study, methanol extracts of flowers of Allamanda neriifolia has been screened for its hypolipidemic activity by inducing hyperlipidemia with the help of atherogenic diet in Wistar albino rats. The biochemical parameters such as total cholesterol, TG, LDL, VLDL, and HDL cholesterol & phospholipids were studied in the experimental animals. Methanol extract of Allamanda neriifolia showed a significant hypolipidemic effects by lowering the serum levels of biochemical parameters that was similar effect to the standard drug, Atorvastatin. Methanol extract of Allamanda neriifolia exhibits a significant atherogenic index and percentage of protection against hyperlipidemia.

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