Some physicochemical characteristics of heinsia crinita mucilage

Author : Anukam NC, Izang EA, Poroye ED, Chris-Otubor GO, Damun PA

This study was undertaken to characterize mucilage from the leaves of Heinsia crinita. The dried mucilage was studied for its organoleptic properties, some physical properties such as swelling index, hydration capacity, true density, oil- holding capacity, loss on drying and particle size. The phytochemical and micromeritic properties were also investigated. The mucilage obtained was greyish in color without odor and a bland taste. It had a yield of 15 %, a pH of 5.36 and a true density of 1.65 g/cm3. Its swelling index in water, phosphate buffer (pH 6.5) and 0.1 N HCl were found to be 30.6, 14.6 and 12 % respectively. The mucilage showed a very high hydration capacity of over 2000 % and an equally high oil- holding capacity of 582 %. The mean particle diameter was 330 µm and its loss on drying 0.9 %. The phytochemical analysis showed that it contained carbohydrates and mucilage. The micromeritic properties indicated cohesiveness of powder characterized by poor flow. The results obtained from the study show that the mucilage has great capacity to be utilized as a pharmaceutical excipient in both solid and liquid dosage forms.

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