Route of Drug Delivers: An Updated Review

Author : Aniket Girase, Bhuyash Sonar, Jagruti Girase, Azam Z Shaikh

Route of delivers means a way or path by which any medicament is introduced to our body for absorption so that it may produce its action for which it was taken there are many routes of deliver like oral, parenteral, topical, sublingual etc. selection of route of deliver depends on its urgency and efficacy. the route of deliver is chosen may have a profound effect upon the speed and efficiency with the drug act. systemic absorption of a drug depending on physiochemical properties, drug delivery method by which a drug is administered to achieve a specific therapeutic effect in humans or animals for the treatment of disease. Drugs are effective only if they reach their site of action. the route of administration is the way through which the dosage from is administered into the body for treatment of various diseases and disorder, this is an attempt for the initial of field to familiarize with the route of administrations with their significances.

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