Prospective validation for pharmaceutical industry water system

Author : Anirban Rajkhuntia, Manoj Kumar Katual, S.L. Harikumar

Purified water (PW) is a key component in the manufacturing of virtually all pharmaceutical products. PW is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material in production or to clean equipment. PW tasteless, colorless, and odorless is often called the universal solvent. It is, therefore, important that the water meets the set standards and constantly provides the specified quality and quantity to ensure there is no contamination of the product or equipment. Depending on quality, raw water can be difficult to purify, and can require various processing stages to obtain PW quality.Pharmaceuticals are depended on the water purification systems due to holding there quality, safety and accuracy. The present context explains various validation techniques to determine that the produced water which is propose to use are suitable for all purpose as per specified in various monograph

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