Production and extraction of Indole acetic acid by using efficient strain of Rhizobium isolated from maize

Author : Ambika R, Kavitha P, Panneer Selvam A and Sengottaian N

Rhizobium species were isolated from the rhizosphere soil of maize plants and studied for their ability to produce Indole acetic acid. Rhizobium, a nitrogen fixing bacteria can live in the rhizosphere soil of non-leguminous plants, exist freely and entraps atmospheric nitrogen and converts the unreactive nitrogen molecule to ammonia, a form that is readily utilize by plants. Rhizosphere soil from maize plants were collected from Lalgudi Taluk, Trichy District and identified based on their morphological and biochemical characters. The efficient strains were used for the production of Indole acetic acid by using thin layer chromatography.

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