Preparation and Evaluation of Nanogel Attached Through Methotrexate for Managing Psoriasis

Author : Kuldeep Shukla, Anurag

There is novel preparation of nanoparticle for targeted delivery of methotrexate. The drug of choice for the treatment of Psoriasis. We find very enchanted result of the prepared formulation that is very high stable and very less toxic as earlier pure methotrexate and our study reveals that the dose reduction and targeted therapy have very great importance in managing psoriasis. The stability was good as we find from the study and nanogel was followed sustained release pattern of the nanogel with good spreadability and intrinsic homogeneity. Moreover, if we discuss about the various parameters performed in the research such as particle size and zeta potential then these both of the tests give the information about better ADME and confirm the delivery potential respectively. Entrapment efficiency is needed to know the exact amount of drug contained or engulfed by the nanoparticle. The current research focused on the nano formulation to treat the Psoriasis for better drug release with less toxicity.

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