Preliminary Phytochemical Screening, Anti-oxidant activity, Multi elemental analysis by ICP- Spectroscopy and Antimicrobial activity of bulbs extracts of Crinum woodrowii Baker from Bhimashankar, Maharashtra, India

Author : Ramjan Mulani and Sanjay Jagtap

Crinum woodrowii Baker is a critically endangered bulbous plant belonging to family Amaryllidaceae found only at Kates point, Mahabaleshwar is an important medicinal plant widely used in several indigenous medicinal formulations. Presently, these plants could be collected from wild habitat only. Due to indiscriminate collection from natural habitat it has become endangered. There was new location of its habitat at Bhimashankar Wild Life Sanctuary. There were only 200-250 individuals along the hilly slope and water spring. In present study the preliminary phytochemical study and antioxidant activity of the bulb extracts of Crinum woodrowii were evaluated. Phytochemical screening indicated that, bulbs are rich in a variety of primary and secondary metabolites such as carbohydrates, alkaloids, vitamin C, vitamin E, flavonoids, phenols, glycosides and saponins. The study highlights the biochemical and ethno pharmacological significance of a critically endangered Crinum woodrowii.

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