Phytochemical screening and estimation of total phenolics and total flavonoid content of Cocos nucifera endocarp

Author : Nidhi Tyagi, Vikas Hooda and Sachin malkani

The Cocos nucifera (coconut) is the plant of Indian origin and being used since long time for therapeutic as well as domestic purpose. The aim of present study was to investigate the phyto-constituents present in the aqueous and ethanolic extract of cocus nuifera endocarp and to estimate the total phenolic and total flavonoid contents. The extracts were prepared and analysed separately for the present phytoconstituents.Total Phenolics contents were estimated and were found 17.2 mg (CNAE) and 21.4 mg (CNEE) gallic acid equivalent) in ethanolic and aqueous extract of Cocus nucifera endocarp respectively, while the estimated total present flavonoid contents were 23.71 mg (CNAE) and 37.57 mg (CNEE) rutin equivalent in respective extract.

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