Phytochemical analysis and identification of flavonoid “quercetin” from Jatropha gossypifolia l. (euphorbiaceae) leaf extract

Author : Vidhya Kumari, Nitu Kumari, Mohan Lal Kuri, Krishna Kishori Verma and Anu Shrivastav

Medicinal plants are the most exclusive source of life saving drugs for the majority of the world’s population. Jatropha gossypifolia Linn. well known plant of family Euphorbiaceae is used as a therapeutic agent. In the present investigation, maximum percent extractive value was calculated for methanol extractive (24.0%). Preliminary phytochemical screening was performed as per standardized procedure of the various phytoconstituents in methanol, chloroform and water extract of J. gossypifolia L. leaves. Crude leaves extract in different solvent exhibited the presence of secondary metabolites such as flavonoids, alkaloids, cardiac glycosides, tannins and saponins. Flavonoid "quercetin" was isolated from leaves. The Rf value of test sample coincided with the Rf value of standard quercetin.The medicinal values of this plant could be attributed due to the presence of one or more of the detected metabolites.

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