Physico-chemical and primary phytochemical screening of pisolithus arrhizus collected from Western Ghats region of Karnataka

Author : S Nataraja, R Meghalatha, Ashok Chittaragi and M Krishnappa

The present study was aimed to investigate the physico-chemical and primary phytochemical screening of P. arrhizus fruiting bodies. The physico-chemical parameters of P. arrhizus powder were determined like total ash content, acid-insoluble ash, water soluble ash, pH of 5 % w/v solution of aqueous extract, foreign matter, moisture content and alcohol soluble extractive . The extracts of P. arrhizus were prepared using different solvents like chloroform, ethyl acetate, methanol and aqueous solvents. The phytochemical screening of the fruiting bodies extracts was performed. The presence carbohydrates (Molischís test) and proteins (Biuret test) in ethyl acetate and methanol where as absent in chloroform and aqueous were indicated by the test conducted. This mushroom was found to contain highest percentage of alcohol soluble extractive (60 %), followed by pH of 5 % w/v solution of aqueous extract (16.48 %), moisture (15.4 %), water soluble ash (14.28 %), foreign matter (14.0 %), total ash content (9.5 %) and acid soluble ash content (5.2 %) for the physico-chemical analysis. These studies provided referential information in regard to its identification parameters assumed significantly in the way of acceptability.

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