Pharmacognostic studies of leaves, roots, stem, and fruits of Uraria picta

Author : Dr. Vijay D. Gulkari, Vidya S. Kukde

This study presents the detailed Macro and microscopical evaluation of leaves of crude drug Uraria picta belonging to family Leguminosae, Papilionaceae. The study was help to identify and establish the authenticity of Uraria picta. The parameters also help to standardize the crude drug and minimize the drug adulteration. The quality control parameters for the crude drugs as raw materials were established with the help of several official determinations based on morphology and microscopy studies. These studies were aimed at ensuring standardization of herbal drug under investigation. Morphological examination of drugs refers to evaluation of drugs by colour, odour, taste, size, shape and special features, like touch, texture etc. All these parameters were recorded for leaves, root, stem, fruit and seed of the plant Uraria picta. These were helpful in primary identification of Uraria picta. Paracytic type stomata and curve apex covering trichomes, a dense reticulate venation pattern, spongy mesophyll are the differential character, Calcium oxalate crystals of prismatic and rhomboidal shape, types are fairly abundant in the leaf which is the identification characters.

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