Pharmacognostic evaluation and Anthelminitic activity of different extracts of Euphorbia humifusa

Author : Gomase Pravin V, Shaikh Jishan, Shaikh Maaz, Shaikh Mujeeb, Mansuri Ramjan

The plant of Euphorbia humifusa was evaluated for anthelmintic activity using adult earthworm. The plant was dried for few days in sunlight and made into powder using grinder. The successive extraction of the drug powder was done by using solvent in the sequence of increasing polarity using Soxhlet apparatus. Anthelmintic activity was performed by pin-prick method and inhibition of spontaneous paralysis was observed. With the higher doses of 40 mg/ml of extracts of (Pet. Ether, Chloroform and Methanol). The effects were comparable with Albendazole. However, there was no final recovery in case of worms treated with extracts as well as Albendazole

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