Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of domestic original preparation "succinasol"

Author : Suyunov N. D., Abdukhalikova N.U.

A new domestic preparation “Succinasol” is presented in this paper. According to its studied description it is the most appropriate agent for the purposes of detoxification, salt regulation, acid alkaline balance correction etc. Besides the above-mentioned properties, the preparation has an original energy producing effect. Succinic acid containing in the composition of preparation is able to be oxidized in the tissues when the oxygen content is reduced. “Succinasol” normalizes the acid-base status not due to passive neutralizing particularly oxidized products in the blood, and the normalization of metabolic processes in cells, relieves pain. The salt composition of the preparation is balanced with the composition of normal plasma. Large-scale implementation of measures on reducinge the mortality rate in thermal burns requires large financial investments and adequate organizational resource involving State budget agents (investments) for the program.

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