Perspective and awareness about sources and benefits of Monoclonal Anti-Bodies among medical students

Author : Samina Alam, Huma Dilshad, Jamila Khatoon Qasmi, Syeda Arshmah Imran, Aisha Minhal, Sobia Shafqat, Syeda Ailiya Zaidi, Saima Alam, Irfan Alam

Objective: To investigate the level of awareness about sources and benefits of Monoclonal anti-Bodies among medical students. Monoclonal anti-bodies are the immunoglobulin that is produced from clones of B- cells i.e. their parent cells. Methods: A cross-sectional survey of medical students aged 20-30 years from the different universities of Karachi selected by convenient sampling method, conducted from august to September 2019. Data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire. Results: We have carried out a survey among medical students regarding their awareness, on mono clonal anti-bodies and 300 responses were collected approximately, these antibodies are used for different purposes such as, cancers, auto immune diseases and cardio vascular diseases. Further, these mAb are preferred for their easiness in measuring and are highly reproducible. Conclusion: From the results of our survey we concluded that majority of the students were aware about what are mAb, their uses, advantages and from what sources they are derived from.

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