Papain - An essential proteolytic plant enzyme

Author : Jadhav Shreegita, Pranjal Barbade, Akshay More and Swapnil Nirgude

Papain is proyeolytic enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of a protein. It shows several biological functions in plants and animals. It use in many industry like food, leather,detergents, meat processing and medicinal application like blood coagulation, fibrinolysis and digestion process there are various process use for the extration of papain and purification also. Now a day the various formulation of papain is available in market in topical and other forms. Spoons of pulvevised papaya seeds mixed with hot water used in diabetes. The papain shows protelytic activity is determine by using various method and the previous studies reported activity in latex of papaya plant. Main objective of this study was to evaluated protease activity in the papaya nectar.

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