Author : Dr. Sambhav Jain, Dr. Rohit Rai, Dr. Vandana Sharma, Dr. Manu Batra

Propolis, a natural antibiotic is a resinous yellow brown to dark brown substance that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flow, shrubs or other botanic sources. The pharmacologically active molecules in the Propolis are flavanoids and phenolic acids and their esters. Propolis has been used in dentifrices, as a storage medium for teeth that have avulsed, in periodontal therapy and in endodontic treatment. Propolis extract used as mouth rinse possesses anti microbial activity against streptococcus mutans present in the oral cavity. Subgingival irrigation with Propolis extract as an adjunct to periodontal treatment may also be more effective than scaling and root planning alone. It has promising role in future medicine as well as dentistry. Thus, switching back to natural resources, Propolis seems to be a promising alternative for the control of oral diseases in terms of anti microbial response and lower associated risk.

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