Author : Riffat Yasmin, Tehseen Quds, Dr. Tanzeela Khan

Migraine is the most common problem affecting large population, with prevalence frequency 10-12 %. This study was conducted to evaluate the prevalence of migraine in a low income community in Karachi from June-Oct, 2013. Three hundred and seven participants were involved in this study. For this purpose cross-sectional community based questionnaire was designed in accordance with the diagnostic criteria given by International Headache Society. Data collection was carried out by personal visit to patients and through clinics. It was observed that females (65.5%) are more affected from migraine then male. 32.9% housewives reported that they are suffering from migraine. This medical problem is common among youngsters (38.1%) than old citizens. Employees working in different organizations (39.7%), were found to be mostly affected from migraine then self employed persons. Majority of the migraine patients (41%) reported that they are suffering from common symptoms including: photophobia, phonophobia, nausea, vomiting etc. Dietary habits of individuals were found to be closely associated with migraine such as use of caffeine, chocolate are prominent; and their use is common among 75% patients cumulatively. It was evaluated that certain disease conditions i.e. stress (33.6%), depression (22.1%) and anxiety (18.9%) are more common among sufferers of migraine.

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