One of the herbal drug Tinospora cordifolia (GILOY): A systemic review

Author : Ravindra Vilas Walunjkar, Aparna Changdev Jagtap

Natural products with medicinal value are gradually gaining importance in clinical research due to their well-known property of no side effects as compared to drugs. The roots and stem contain several secondary metabolites having curative properties. The plant is genetically diverse, containing different active components, including steroids, aliphatics, alkaloids, glycosides, and diterpenoid lactones. These active compounds are distributed over all parts of the plant, such as the root and stem. T. cordifolia is widely used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India. It has shown great potential for the development of biopharmaceutical products for the treatment of various diseases. The plant bears various antioxidants, antidiabetic, antiallergic, anticancerous and many more properties that make them a topic of great importance & interest.

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