Neuro-pharmacological screening of Cyanocobalamine and khamera-e-gao zaban amberi jawahir dar and its Behavioral and Memory enhancing effects in mice

Author : Humera Anser, Rahela Najam, Bushra Riaz, Saira Saeed Khan

Unani medicines are used since long time ago, among which Khamira’s are used for rejuvenation of body homeostasis. The object of the study was to explore the effect of khamira-e gao zaban amberi jawahirdar and the results were compared with the standard drug Cyanocobalamine (vitamin B12 ). Different CNS parameters had been performed on mice. The drugs were administered to mice and results were observed on day 20 and30. The dose of khamira administered to one group was 0.1 ml containing 0.83 mg dissolved in milk (9 mg dissolved in 10 ml of milk). While 0.04 ml of Cyanocobalamine was given to another group, third group serves as control. The results showed decrease in the time taken to reach the platform in stationary rod by both drugs, while exploratory activities was also found increased in head dip, cage crossing and open field activities. It is concluded from our findings that khamira-e-gao zaban amberi jawahir dar and cyanocobalamine posses marked effect on behavior as well as it also possess memory enhancing effect.

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