Natural, chemical and pharmacological properties of Zingiber officinale: An Overview

Author : Chandan Prasad, Sandhya Srivastava, Smrita Singh, Vinita Srivastava, Awdhesh Singh, Kamal Kumar, Vimal Kumar and R. B. Srivastava

Zingiber officinale (family: Zingibaraceae) is a flowering plant, which is prevalent throughout India and in South East Asia. Ginger originated in the lush tropical jungles of Southern Asia. Many reports have appeared in mainstream scientific journals describing its nutritional and medicinal properties. While much of this recent enthusiasm indeed appears to be justified, it is critical to separate rigorous scientific evidences from anecdote. The present review provides the available information for Zingiber officinale as its botanical descriptions, vernacular names, biological activity of plant parts, ethanomedicinal uses, and current status of research with scope of Zingiber officinale for future research. The structures of one hundred forty identified compounds from different parts of Zingiber officinale with molecular formula, formula weight, have been reported in this study.

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