Myofibroblasts: In health and diseases

Author : Dr Venkatesh Kulkarni and Dr Praveena Kulkarni

Myofibroblast are mesenchymal cells, these cells are found in the stroma of many tissues of the body. They are usually spindle shaped and also having different type of morphology. MFs possess bundles of actin microfilaments (stress fibers) containing α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA). A soluble factor transforming growth factor-β1 is considered a major growth factor that directly promotes MF development by inducing α-SMA expression. Modulation of fibroblast to MF represents a key event in wound healing process. They are also found in various conditions like pathological remodeling, fibrosis, oral submucous fibrosis and in stroma of invasive and metastatic carcinoma odontogenic cysts/tumors and odontogenic cysts/tumors. This review describes the nature of Myofibroblast in health and various diseases in relation to the oral cavity.

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