Microsphere: A Modern Approach to Novel Drug Delivery System

Author : Sanchita Ghosh, Arun Prakash Karak, Adrija Bandyopadhyay, Swarupananda Mukherjee

With the advances of our bio medical research, bio-technological improvement and modern genomics, a wide variety of new, more potent and highly specific therapeutics are being created. The aim of the drug delivery system is to provide a therapeutic amount of drug to the proper site of action in the body which should maintain the desired drug concentration. A well designed controlled drug delivery system can overcome some of problems of conventional therapy and enhance therapeutic efficacy of the given drug, hence it improves bioavailability. They are generally biocompatible, can provide high bioavailability, and are capable of sustained release for long periods of time, hence it is able to maintain a desired concentration of drug. Microspheres are solid approximately spherical particles ranging in size from 1 to 1000 micro meter. It is micrometric matrix system. For the preparation of microspheres synthetic and natural materials are used. These are prepared by methods like Single emulsion, Double emulsion, Polymerization, Phase separation coacervation, Emulsion solvent evaporation and solvent diffusion.

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