Mangroves as a potential source of medicines

Author : Ovees Ahmad Bhat and K. Sivakumar

Mangrove vegetation provides many ecological, environmental and socio-economic benefits. Mangroves give enough services to the humanity; peopleís ignorance and lack of care have caused degradation of mangroves. Mangrove forests have been utilized for many functions including wood production for timber, Firewood and charcoal. The importance in maintaining ecosystem diversity used as a source for chemical constituents, Extracts and chemicals from mangroves are used mainly in folkloric medicine, as insecticides and pisicides and these practices continue to this day. However the extraction of novel natural chemical compounds from mangroves, in addition to those already known to the pharmacopoeia of the people is in its infancy. Peopleís participation is important for conservation and management of mangrove ecosystem. Protective measure of Eco - development, natural and artificial regeneration activities should be initiated in mangrove degraded areas.

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