Macrophage migration inhibitory factor and some cytokine gene polymorphism in patient with nephrotic syndrome

Author : Manal M. Khadhim and Shaimaa Audah

Nephrotic syndrome is considered as a multi-factorial clinical condition characterized by increased glomerular permeability with massive consequent proteinuria. There is a variable tendency towards developing edema, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidaemia. The present study was conducted to evaluate the role of MIF G173C and TNF-α G308Agenes gene polymorphism in the nephrotic syndrome. We have investigated single nucleotide polymorphisms of MIF G173C and TNF-α G308Agenes in71 subjects. Forty-six were nephrotic patients while others were apparently healthy individuals used as a controls, then the serum level of TNF-α and IL-13 was detected by ELISA technique. The frequencies of MIF C-173C (13.04 vs 4.00%) genotypes and C allele (29.35vs 22.00%)were higher in nephrotic patients than control group while TNF-α A308A(21.74vs 0)genotypes and A allele(38.88vs10%) were significantly higher in patient than control groups and associated with higher mean serum concentration of TNF-α(668.33+27.60) versus (45.64+2.38) and IL-13(36.70+0.55) versus (2.72+0.22),in nephrotic patients than apparently healthy subjects. AA genotype with TNF- α -G308A allele polymorphism and CC genotype with MIF 173C allele are mainly expressed among nephrotic syndrome patients and susceptibility with disease might be prospected.

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