Lipid based drug delivery system in arthritis and allied conditions

Author : B. S. Shamant, Afrasim Moin, D. V. Gowda, Rashmi R, and Rakesh Hiremath

In the present era most of the drugs available are either poorly soluble and hence have bioavailability issues. Numerous techniques have been tried and evaluated to overcome these issues, but none has cover the entire problems encountered in delivering the drug. During the last couple of years Lipid based drug delivery has been in demand and lot of work has been exploited in this area due to its promising target delivery to the tissue. The present article is written with the objective to explore the potential of new drug delivery in the area of Arthritis. This arthritis is a very common disorder and it affects mainly elderly people beyond certain age. In the recent years lot of work has been done in this area, although lot of dosage forms are available for this but all has its own limitations. Mostly drugs are administered orally or topically. Due to the poor solubility and permeability issues penetration and complete absorption has been a continuous problem. In order to overcome this issue various techniques has been explored and out of which Lipid base delivery system has shown potential and it has not been explored to the full extent.

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