Isolation, characterisation and optimization parameters of pullulanase [Pullulan6- glucanohydrolase-code no: 120160-1] on solid substrate fermentation

Author : Ch. Supriya, N. Ravikiran, R. Sravani Jyothi Sai, Ch. Rajesh, B. Sailaja

Pullulanase has great significance due to its wide range of potential applications in pharmaceutical and food industries. Pullulanase is used for the saccharification of starch in various industries and it is also a good amylolytic agent. The enzyme hydrolyzes the alpha-1, 6-glucosidic linkages of pullulan, amylopectin, glycogen, etc. The enzyme is used for manufacture of glucose, maltose, etc. In present study Pullulanase enzyme collected from Aspergillus Niger [ATTC16404] strain of onion peels. Optimum parameters were studied for the maximum enzyme activity at different physical conditions such as temperature 50C, Time 120hrs, pH 6 and in different culture mdias. After the detail analysis the enzyme activity was found to be stable at different optimum parameters. It was found to be 130.66 IU at 540nm in U.V.spectroscopy

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