Isolation and characterization of phosphate solubilizing bacteria from paddy field of Bhilai region

Author : Chitra Bhattacharya, Neha Shrivastava, Hempushpa Urwsha, Rishpalika Mishra, Krutika Deshpande, Dipti Sahu, Taruna, Akansha Lal

A study was conducted the microorganism is isolated from paddy field site for phosphate solubilizing ability. In the initial investigation bacterial isolate has shown clear zone in phosphate solubilizing medium. The isolate was characterized for gramís staining and biochemical tests based on Bergeyís Manual. In microscopic examine we have obtain gram positive rod like colony that characterized by biochemical activities like- Motility, Methyl Read, VogesProskaur (VP), Catalase, Starch Hydrolysis, Gelatin hydrolysis, Urea hydrolysis, Citrate utilization, Indole production, Carbohydrate fermentation test. The isolate was screened for their phosphate solubilizing capacity in PSB medium. Result indicates that bacillus species is the good source of insoluble phosphate to soluble phosphate in soil.

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