Isolation and characterization of exopolysaccharide from biofilm producing marine bacteria

Author : P. Nisha and M. Thangavel

Marine bacterial exopolysaccharides are fascinating industrial uses and presence of bioactive compounds. In this present study , Exopolysaccharide producing Micrococcus sp isolated from Arabian Sea and was identified by morphological and biochemical characteristics. Exopolysaccharide characterized by Infra Red spectroscopy and Antibacterial activity done by disc diffusion method with the clinical isolates. Exopolysaccharide production and quantification were done in different environmental factors like incubation temperature (270 C and 370C) , pH (6,7 and 8) and incubation time (24hr,48hr,72hr and 96 hr). From the results , maximum exopolysaccharide production was at pH 8, 270C and at 96 hrs of incubation time and exopolysaccharide has antibacterial activity. Exopolysacharide may produce from Micrococcus by these method for large scale and small scale industries and has expecting a new bioactive compound.

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