Invitro Antioxidant activity of silver nano-particles from Colpomenia sinuosa and Halymenia poryphyroides

Author : Vishnu Kiran M and Murugesan S

This study was conducted to investigate the in-vitro antioxidant activities of silver nano particles bio-synthesized from Colpomenia sinuosa and Halymenia poryphyroides. The free radical scavenging activity of the extracts was measured by DPPH and ABTS and the antioxidant potential were compared with commercial antioxidants, such as Butylated Hydroxy Toulene (BHT) and L- ascorbic acid. The antioxidant activity of experimental algae showed a dose dependent increase when compared to commercial antioxidants. Spectro-photometric determination of the active compounds revealed that the antioxidant activity might be attributed to algal contents of carotenoids, free phenols and fatty acids.

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