Indian medicinal plants: For hair care and cosmetics

Author : Neha Singh, Manoj Kumar Pandey, Alok Sharma, Jai Prakash

Plants act as a source of food and medicine from long times. A wide range of plant oils are used in cosmetics and toiletry preparations Women are obsessed with looking beautiful. So, they use various beauty products that have herbs to look charming and young. Indian herbs and their significance is popular worldwide. Herbal Cosmetics have growing demand in the world market and is an invaluable gift of nature. Herbal formulations always have attracted considerable attention because of their good activity and comparatively lesser or nil side effects with synthetic drugs. Herbs and spices have been used in maintaining and enhancing human beauty since time immemorial. Herbs such as Sandalwood and Turmeric have long been used by Indian women for skin care. This paper reviews the utility of some Indian medicinal plants in hair care and cosmetics. The association between Ayurveda and cosmeceuticals has also been highlighted in the paper.

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