Increased use of cephalosporin as first line agent instead of penicillin

Author : Safila Naveed, Amna Affa baig, Anum Jameel, Faiza Nadeem, Madiha Qazi, Firdous Ahmad and Marium Khan

The objective of the present study was to analyze the increased use of cephalosporin as first line agent instead of penicillin. The study involve the collection of 100 in-patient prescription from 6 different wards including peads ward (peadriatric ICU), surgical ward, medical ICU, nephro ward, cadio ward, and emergency ward of a local government hospital. Data was analysed for the rational use of cephalosporin as first line agent, and need and reason of increased use of cephalosporin (broad spectrum) in in-patients instead of penicillin.The results we observed are that, 3rd generation cephalosporin (ceftriaxone) is most commonly used agent among cephalosporin, which has broad spectrum activity against gram +ve and gram -ve bacterias. Ceftriaxone is using alone, in combination with penicillin and/or with other classes of antibiotic mostly with fluroquinolones. Cephalosporin are frequently using among peads, children and adults, where as penicillin is frequently using among elder patients. Among peadriatic ICU and ward and surgical ward, cephalosporins are frequently used for surgical prophylaxis and seriously ill peads. We observed that antibiotics are prescribed in most cases without culture test, and in last we determine the rationality of use of cephalosporin in each case and found that out of 100 in-patients 19 have irrational use. The intense use and misuse of antibiotics are undoubtedly the major forces associated with the high numbers of resistant pathogenic and commensal bacteria worldwide. Antibiotic resistance is a tremendous and ever-growing problem in today\'s hospitals.

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