In-vitro pharmacological applications of pigment producing halophilic microorganism from the marine region of India

Author : Asha K.R.T, Joseph Selvin

In the present study, two pigment producing promising strains were identified and characterized based on the biochemical properties from the halophilic environment. Based on the biochemical and physiological characteristics the strain BQ31 and BV32 were selected and both the strains exhibited showed high similarity towards the Haloarcula species. It is identified that the strains showed wide range of carbon utilization, able to tolerate different salts with multiple antimicrobial susceptibility pattern. The extracellular pigment was identified by various chromatographic techniques and the molecular weight of the pigment was characterized by MASS spectrum. Interestingly, the pigment revealed significant liver lipid peroxidase activity and haematological parameters under different body weight of albino rats. The biochemical parameter of the pigment under different body weight of Albino rats is an additional importance. Thus the pigment could be used for the various pharmaceutical applications.

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