In vitro antioxidant activities of ethanolic extract of Gmelina asiatica L. leaves

Author : Augustian Rajam Florence, Cosman Domettila, Gnanasingh Seelial Regini Balasingh

The present study is aimed to examine the in vitro antioxidant activities of Gmelina asiatica leaf extracts. The powdered leaves of G. asiatica were extracted with ethanol and concentrated using rotary evoporator. The activity of ethanolic extract of G. asiatica was assessed against DPPH, OH, SO and the ABTS radicals were concentrated in the range of 20-100g/ml. The ethanolic extract resulted high antioxidant activity with the IC50 value of DPPH (18.37 0.07), OH(14.73 0.09), SO(237.82 8.95) and ABTS(12.12 0.01 g/ml). The values confirmed that ethanolic extract of G. asiatica leaves could be an important natural antioxidant agent due to its free radical scavenging activity.

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