In-vitro anticancer activity of different extracts of Sesbania Grandiflora against HEP2 cell lines

Author : K. Padmalochana and M.S. Dhana Rajan

Herbal medicine is established on the plants contains natural chemical substances that can promote health and have curative properties for illness and diseases. Medicinal herbs play an important role in the treatment of cancer. In this study we reported that potential anticancer activity of Sesbania grandiflora leaf extracts and compared with standard commercial anticancer drug. Water, ethanol and acetone extract of S. grandiflora leaves showed invitro anticancer activity against different human cancer cell lines like HEp2 (Human larynx carcinoma cell line). The potential of anticancer property of S. grandiflora leaf extract was assayed by MTT method. The activity was done at different concentration like 50-300 μg/ml of the extract. From the analysis the 50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) is 200 μg/ml against HEp2 (Human larynx carcinoma cell line) cell lines for all the extracts. While increasing the concentration of extracts showed decrease in cell viability. Extracts of S. grandiflora showed dose dependent reduction of cell viability and induction of apoptosis in the HEp2 (Human larynx carcinoma cell line) cell lines. This in vitro outcomes suggest a significant clinical effects of S. grandiflora against human HEp2 (Human larynx carcinoma cell line) cell lines.

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