Author : Mehnaz Nuruddin Gitay, Zubia Zia and Farah Zehra

Pain killers have been a necessity for humans since their skin has been laden with pain receptors to signal them against any invasion or unusual going on in the body.This pain when exceeds the limits of tolerance has to be alleviated to reduce suffering. Since ancient times numerous natural substances like herbs and oils have been used to relieve pain, but in modern era more refined ways to relieve pain have been discovered that exactly target the precise pain. This research identifies the factors that govern painkiller usage and addiction and the people who, in majority fall prey to pleasures of pain killers. The research was carried out through a questionnaire and results were statistically analyzed by fishers exact test. Males, employed people, non medics and graduates are most attracted to pain killers and are susceptible to long term addiction. The reasons for these people falling prey to pain killers are work load, mental stress and physiological responses to the drug. These factors can be managed through proper intervention by health professionals. The role of friends and family too here cannot be ignored.

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