Histological Assessment and Quantification of Hypervitaminosis A-induced Fibrosis in Liver, Kidney and Testis of Albino Rats

Author : Rania A. Ahmed

The purpose of this work is to clarify if hypervitaminosis-A may induce fibrosis, then quantification and grading of this possible induced fibrosis. The present study was included two groups of male rats. Group I: control group (10 rats). Group II: (20 rats) were injected with vitamin A (500 IU/Kg; interaperitoneally daily for 12 weeks). Livers, kidneys and testes were removed and stained with hematoxylin/eosin for histological alteration, Masson trichrome for collagen fibers staining and immunohistochemical stain for α-SMA. Fibrosis grading was done according to a scoring systems by knodell, Banff and Suskind. Collagen IV in serum and 4-hydroxyproline in tissues were assessed. Hypervitaminosis A induced fibrosis and significant increase (P > 0.05) of collagen fibers in liver, kidney and testis. Scoring of fibrosis revealed that hepatic fibrosis established in 90% of animals, renal fibrosis was found in 80% of sections, while Testicular fibrosis was established in 70% of sections. Hypervitaminosis A induced significant increase (P > 0.05) in α-SMA expression, serum collagen IV and 4-hydroxyproline in tissues. In conclusion, Hypervitaminosis A induced fibrosis in liver kidney and testis.

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