Herbal Antidiabetic Drugs -Review

Author : Bhagyashree Pawar, Dipali Kulkarni, Vaishali Pardeshi, Sanjivani Pise, Preeti Gedam Shraddha Raut, Sonalika Suryavanshi, Laxman Bandgar, Darshana Sude

Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome that is characterized by hyperglycaemia, Ample no. of plants form different region of the world has been investigated for anti-diabetic effects. This review article is designed to report some of the most important medicinal plants with hypoglycaemic properties according to reliable clinical and laboratory evidence. In this review we evaluate the clinical and experimental literature on herb–drug interactions in the treatment of diabetes. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions between drugs and herbs are discussed, and some commonly used herbs which can interact with antidiabetic drugs are summarised. Herb–drug interactions can be a double-edged sword presenting both risks (adverse drug events) and benefits (through enhancement). There is a general lack of data on herb–drug interactions. As such, more rigorous scientific research is urgently needed to guide clinical practice.

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