HPTLC determination of carotenoid profile in the leaf and bark samples of loranthus longiflorus a hemiparasite, collected from two host trees

Author : Chandrakasan L and Neelamegam R

Influence of host plants on the carotenoid profile of Loranthus longiflorus leaf and bark samples collected from Casuarina equisetifolia and Ficus religiosa host trees were determined by HPTLC method. The methanol extract of L. longiflorus leaf samples obtained from C. equisetifolia host trees showed 9 compounds while it was 8 compounds in the leaf samples collected from F. religiosa host tree. Among the compounds, 5 and 3 compound in each sample, respectively, was identified as carotinoids while the others were unknown. Four compounds from each leaf samples collected from C. equisetifolia (peak no. 4- 6 & 8) and F. religiosa (peak no. 1-3 & 6) host trees showed similar Rf values (0.15, 0.19, 0.23 & 0.53, respectively). Similarly, the methanol extract of L. longiflorus bark sample collected from C. equisetifolia and F. religiosa host trees contained 8 compounds each. Of these compounds only 3 from each sample was identified as carotenoids whereas others were unknown and none of these compounds showed any similar Rf values. One compound from leaf and park samples of L. longiflorus collected from C. equisetifolia (peak no. 6 & 4) and F. religiosa (peak no. 4 & 3) showed similar Rf values (0.23 & 0.26), respectively.

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