Gastro retentive floating microspheres: A review

Author : Pooja M, Venkateswara Rao Sadhu, Padmalatha Katamaneni

Drug absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is a highly variable process. Floating Microspheres are promises to be a potential approach for gastric retention enhances the bioavailability and controlled delivery of various therapeutic agents. Gastro retentive floating microspheres are low density systems that have sufficient buoyancy to float over gastric contents and remain and remain in stomach for prolonged period. The drug is released slowly at desired rate resulting in increased gastric retention with reduced fluctuations in plasma drug concentration. Floating microspheres to improve patient compliance by decreasing dosing frequency, better therapeutic effect of short half-life drugs can be achieved. Enhanced absorption of drugs which solubilise only in stomach, gastric retention time is increased because of buoyancy. Floating microspheres are prepared by solvent diffusion and solvent evaporation methods to create the hollow inner core. In the present review preparation, methods, characterization, advantages, mechanism of drug release from microspheres, list of polymers, applications and list of drugs formulated as floating microspheres are discussed.

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