Formulation of gellified emulsions of Clotrimazole using essential oil from Lavendula angustifolia Miller

Author : Vaishali Potnis, Mahesh Khot, Mangesh Kahane, Sindhu Mohite, Pradnya Bhongale, Suchita Dhamane

Clotrimazole is a broad spectrum antifungal drug, widely used for topical treatment of Tinea corporis. It is available commercially as cream, powder, gel and vaginal pessary. However, its poor water solubility (0.49 μg/ml) presents a hindrance for its local availability and limits effective antifungal therapy. [3]In present study, an attempt has been made to enhance its efficacy and stability by formulating it as gellified emulsions (emulgels). Emulsions (o/w) of Clotrimazole were prepared using lavender oil and gellified using carbomer, carboxymethylcellulose sodium and xanthan gum. All the emulgels were white, homogeneous with good consistency and spreadability and possessed pH very close to that of normal skin (6-7). The formulations F4 and F7 which contained carboxymethylcellulose sodium and xanthan gum as gel base demonstrated fastest diffusion of Clotrimazole. Moreover, their antifungal efficacy (expressed as zone of inhibition) against Trichophyton rubrum, was greater than that of commercially available gel of Clotrimazole. The emulgels did not produce any skin irritation in treated rats and were stable when stored for 90 days at 25C/60% (RH) and 40 0C /75 % RH

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