Formulation, characterization and evaluation of herbal under-eye cream

Author : Sreelesh Brinda and Nesari Tanuja

The eyes, also a focal point of facial expression, not only convey the full range of human emotion but also have a significant impact on how one is perceived in terms of health and beauty. When there is more melanin produced around the eyes than is usual, giving them a darker color, the condition is periorbital hyperpigmentation. In the present research an attempt has been made to formulate, characterize and carry out the in-vitro evaluation of an under-eye cream containing herbal extracts for lightening the dark eye contours. The plant material chosen includes aqueous extracts of Glycyrrhizaglabra Linn.(Yashtimadhu), HemidesmusindicusR.Br. (Sariva) and SantalumalbumLinn.(Chandana). The characterization comprises of determining the physicochemical parameters which proves the genuinity of the plant material procured. The cream was assessed for its safety and stability. The aesthetic appeal of the product was also studied. The aqueous extract of the drug was examined for its anti tyrosinase activity. The under-eye cream formulation showed good aesthetic appeal, stability and safety. The anti tyrosinase activity was shown by Glycyrrhizaglabra Linn.(Yashtimadhu). whileHemidesmusindicusR.Br. (Sariva) and SantalumalbumLinn.(Chandana) showed negligible activity.

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